TOM University has self paced courses that are designed to help you learn how to select and use a planner for every area of your life.

If you have purchased planners in the past, but have not used them consistently this is the University for you. Using a planner is a skill that can be learned and developed over time, and I want to help you on your journey!

"I love Alaina's transparency, in-depth explanations and next steps."

- Alicia Branch, Budget on Paper student

"I loved that everything was in one place. It helped that it was at my own pace so I didn't have to search for the information on my own."

- Abagail, How To Start Planning Your Life student

Color Coding In Your Planner

Learn about the technique of Color Coding in the "How To Start Planning Your Life" course. This technique is great for women who are busy and need a strategy to get everything done!

Creating A Money Routine

Learn how to create a budget on paper and stick to it with the "Budget on Paper" course. This course is designed to help you learn about your money personality, history, and develop routines so you will actually stick to your budget.

More Planning Classes

Additional classes on home planning, celebration of life planning, and procrastination. Find classes that will help you plan every area of your life.

Hi, I’m Alaina

I'm an accountant, certified financial coach, author, and content creator.

I help busy women who struggle with budgeting and time management use a paper planner to get organized.

I share my easy approach to productivity & finances through my YouTube channel and have amassed over 100,000 subscribers and 6.5 million views on the platform.

My work has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Martha Stewart Living, Wired, The New York Weekly, and The Huffington Post.

My goal is to teach you organization through my self paced courses. From time management to budget planning and home planning. My classes are designed to help you organize your life so you can achieve your dreams.